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December 14, 2008

Welcome to Nicepets!

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To sign-up, make a comment on this post saying, “I would like to sign-up for Nicepets.” You must have a WordPress account to sign-up (note: You DON’T need a website to sign up, as we specified, you only need an account!). You must use your WordPress account whenever you are playing Nicepets. If you have any questions, ask them (in a comment) on the Help and FAQ page.

Some places that are suggested you view if you are new (hey, that rhymes!):

Geta Pet Office

Help and FAQ page


Hope you have fun and DO NOT forget to log in before playing!

Sunrise Moon (the creator and owner of Nicepets)
P.S. Scroll down in this page for new posts.


March 31, 2009


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Sunrise Moon: We do…?

School is over at May. We promise that in the summer, this will be worked on and finished.

January 28, 2009


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Austin8310 here. Me and Sunrise are really busy with school, so we don’t have time for nicepets right now. Please don’t play until febuary or march, untill we have things set out. Sorry if this is annoying. Don’t forget this website, but try not to visit as much. We will make a post on Sunrise’s blog when we have it done.

January 18, 2009


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Update: We are working on peoples’ inventories. We would like EVERYONE to stop playing until we have them all done. Sorry. Comment if you need an inventory.

Hey guys, please don’t interact on nicepets until we have the inventories done. We’ll have them soon, but not now. Anyways, check out the weapons of doom place! The guy has something to say about “monster dinzards”. Wonder what he’s talking about…


January 15, 2009

Grand Opening!

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Yes everyone! Nicepets is now open for beta-testing! We’d like to know what you think of it right now! We are making more and more ways to earn Nicourrency, be patient! Also, if you have just signed up and haven’t received a profile or inventory yet, we are making it for you. Remember, we LOVE hearing your comments, suggestions, and ways to make Nicepets better, after all, it’s nut us who play the game! By the way, some people may claim to be Nicepets staff but aren’t. The only real Nicepets staff are currently:

Sunrise Moon




We hope you enjoy Nicepets!

Sunrise Moon – Owner and creator

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